To waste is to sin

In India, wasting anything is akin to sin ☺ . No, I really mean it. And this principle is dug so deep and so secure, it is evident in every action we take. I cannot throw away anything unless I am 100 % sure that it cannot be brought to use by anybody I know in my entire circle and life , now or maybe 10 years hence 😁  .

My 6 year old is many steps ahead of me, so it makes me believe that ‘no throw syndrome ‘ might as well be genetic ! I couldn’t have possibly passed it on so soon , right 🙄 . My boy stacks all the empty boxes, containers, papers, weird and unrecognizable remanents, basically anything and everything. I cannot put anything into the garbage infront of him, he needs full justification for the throw away.

With the concept of ‘declutter’ gaining prominence now, we are getting a little flexible. We may consider getting rid of stuff that has just been lying useless for around a decade 😀 . Infact, it is a very good exercise as it creates space. This leads to some fresh shopping ☺  to fill up the space created, which starts staring at you for replenishment ☺ .

Have a wonderful day friends, and keep visiting my tech-strokes page for my regular updates there.


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