We create our own memories

In this passage of life, we have positive and negative experiences. We face them everyday, every month, year after year, all along. Well, is it possible to remember everything we experience? 

To some extent, it just isn’t in our hands. As we age, we begin to forget the past. We cannot retain every experience, right 😓 ?  However, it is in our hands to give extra emphasis to some memories over others. And we do it many times.

When we are upset about something, memories validating our annoyance override other good ones. We filter out the good experiences, and let in the bad ones. 

When all is going well, we just do the opposite. Our mind filter works well, only giving us the happy picture. And we do it consciously! We are aware of how we are adjusting our filter, to endorse our mood. We are smart 😀 .

So, all in all, we decide what we want to remember, and what we want to forget, according to our need at that time 😀 . We shape our memories . We shape our life story! 



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