Are we breaking down

A fear that is gradually taking over my mind these days, are we disintegrating? Are we breaking down as a family, society and community? Why is this fear getting more apparent?  There are many reasons  that are collectively pointing in the same direction 😢 .

Nomadic societies are gaining prominence. If you are a wanderer, who likes to move around the world all solo, then there are established nomadic setups with real people like you doing the same. You have a support system.

Robotics are taking over us. There is a prediction that many jobs in the world are going to be replaced by robots. It means, less people interacting at workplace, more machines all around. There is hardly going to be any scope of water cooler gossips, unless we program the water coolers to do that too. Possible 😀 .

I recently saw a short film in which a woman loses her husband, gets a robot, who looks and behaves like the lost one. The technology gathers all his behavorial aspects from his online profile (twitter, facebook etc) . And , finally she keeps him forever, a good looking and well behaved version 😁 .

With the increase in divorces, childless couples, single parents and so on, I am drawn again and again towards the dissemination of relations. The need for human contact is being superficially replaced by alternatives. But is this real? Can a robot replace the natural chemistry amongst people? What will become of us if all we see around us is automated people and machines?

I am scared.

Photo-credits: Manik Grover, the real husband ☺️



2 thoughts on “Are we breaking down”

  1. Wwll written blog 2 centa…Jobs can be replaced but not human..dont worry pooja..therewill always be something for us…idea of automation is not to replace every chore we do..

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