Consistent vs the changing

If I look back, which I do often ☺️ , I realize things have changed drastically in the past. Material things, societies, perceptions, dressing styles etc. You name it, and it’s  changed. 

Indian women mostly wore salwar kameez ( a colourful drape of a medim length shirt with full length pant along with a long stole ) . Saree was another commonly seen attire for ladies. Fast forward 20 years, it’s all about comfort and fushion clothing now. It’s amazing how so many combinations and possibilities have erupted. You can get as creative as you like ☺️ .

Work cultures are changing, and so are the expectations. The world has become a global village, leading to the amalgamation of different working styles. The old and inefficient policies have slowly died down. Practicality is at fore.

The difference between what’s good and bad has become sligtly blurred. Trying out vague and different paths is no longer a taboo ☺️ . We don’t need to be just doctors or engineers to prove our worthiness 😀 . 

All these changes are good. The fast paced transformations and  lack of predictability, however, make the future a lot more uncertain 😐 .

Having lived all these years, I have figured out the magic mantra that gives us strength and faith to live in any age. Some call it praying and some do it by reciting hymns. Many communities and cultures have religious books. In any form, praying gives us the assurance that we will survive. I remember praying as a kid, then as a teenager, and now as an adult. 

The world has changed, however, the impact of praying is consistent. The religious books impart timeless knowledge. Bhajans, the soulful songs, create an unseen harmony and rhythm with the universe. Sufi music can raise you to another level of consciousness ☺️ . All these are different forms of praying. They hold and guide you through any number of challenges and uncertainties. This timeless protective shield is with us all through our living years ☺️ .

Have a great day  dear friends ☺️ .

photo-credits: Manik, the hubby


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