I want to get bored today

Hello friends, I have been toiling with my brain for sometime now to get ideas to write. It is Sunday, and I like writing on Sundays ☺️ . Today’s inspiration is drawn from a newspaper article, and here I begin my blog diarrhea ☺️ .

When my little kids complain that they are getting bored, I start jumping with excitement ( in my head, of course ☺️ ) . I tell them it’s the perfect time to use all their collectables. Their empty boxes, papers, broken goodies etc . It’s time to get creative, and explore their imagination. Kids being kids, are hesitant initially. When they tread on this path, they do better. Every once in a while, they end up happy and productive. Their creative faculties always get oiled, for sure ☺️ .

Same is the case with me. When I am overwhelmed and reach mental blocks, I decide to take ‘ boredom breaks ‘ . They are therapeutic, for one. I get ‘out of the box’ view of pressing problems. The vastness and infinite scope of explorable space that boredom provides, helps in connecting the dots. We end up seamlessly solving the puzzles, relieving us of many of our dilemmas ☺️ .

If nothing else, taking a nap out of boredom is one of the best gifts of nature, absolutely free of cost ☺️ .

See what bored dad and kids made on a lazy afternoon 😊 😊 .

Have a wonderful and relaxed Sunday friends ☺️ .
photo credits: Manik, the husband


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