Facebook dictates my life now

No armed mafia has taken over my freedom or will. Facebook has ☺️ . Gone are the days when we occasionally checked out the social media, and enjoyed the limited interaction. The pace at which we respond, and the number of times, is mind bogling . It’s unnerving at times, we are naturally not equipped to assimilate so much of information and be extremely social, all the time 😊 .

I also have this bizzare feeling that the facebook goons ( amazon too ) are watching us through some drones or satellite cameras 😊 . How else do these guys know so accurately what we are thinking and doing, and start giving suggestions !

I understand it’s all ultra tech and uber cool. I understand browsers and cookies. But it isn’t limited to just your web searches now. In my experience, they infiltrate your address book, whatsapp etc. They know all about you ☺️ .

It gets extremely creepy at times. I was thinking of a balloon decorator, and facebook suggested the same for me the next time I opened it. I feel like someone’s watching over my shoulder ☺️ .

Well, I love cooking. I try new dishes. But not the dishes that my brain would want to.  Facebook generously shows so many videos, I don’t need to dig into my head to come up with any requirement or ideas ☺️ .

Facebook is like a spouse, you may shy away from it for sometime, but you can’t live without it . Despite all the cribbing, I know I will soon be invoking the fb app ☺️ .

Have a wonderful evening friends ☺️ .

PS: I hope Facebook doesn’t deactivate my account on reading this. I don’t want to get alienated ☺️ .


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