A not so young mom

What is it like having a not so young mom? I mean, your mom already peaked on her agility and mojo before you were born ☺️. Lets analyze a bit more .

Great things

Mature moms are composed. They have their own feelings and emotions in control. They waver less. Kids are less of a guinea pig of their experiments. They tend to grow up as stable people as a result.

Not so young moms can see bigger picture of things due to their own experiences. They understand the futility of certain phenomena, and tend to shield the valuable time and energy of their kids from them.

Not so young moms thoroughly enjoy their time with their young ones. They have already spent good many years exploring their own calling. They have time and patience for their precious ones, and are involved whole heartedly.

Not so great things

We are tired for most of the time ☺️ . The idea of any physical activity sends us in shock ☺️ .  And kids are super acitve. It’s tough keeping up with their energy levels.

We are a different generation per se from their peer moms. It is not easy keeping up with the socialising in this area.

My mom was a doctor, and I was the second born. You can see she was pretty mature a mom for me ☺️ . All my childhood memories are filled with love, relaxation, freedom and laughter. I remember how her faith in scheme of things led to a stable childhood for me. And I aspire the same for my little ones ☺️ .

Have a wonderful day friends ☺️ .


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