Happy to be

Or , should I say, happy to eat all that I want to eat ☺️ . My gut is my gut and my emotional connect with food is uniquely mine.

There is beauty all around us. Physical beauty, to be precise ☺️ . Chiseled bodies and faces. Perfect colours and sizes. Hourglass figures, beautiful mane of hair. They are all a variety played out by the Creator. 

And so am I ☺️ . I am also one of His million creations. Some combination of His factors led to the formation of ‘ imperfectly perfect ‘ me ☺️ . As I revel in the beauty of all His masterpieces, I admire the way he made me ☺️ .

Not the perfect colour, not the perfect elevation, shape and size that solely defines me ☺️ . I am most comfortable when I accept myself the way I am ☺️.
So, I am not going to turn a deaf ear when my soul asks for its nurishment. My soul needs bread and butter. My soul needs its stuffed Paranthas ( Indian bread filled with vegetables with generous application of butter) . It needs kulfi (ice-cream) in summers and halwa(carrot sweet dish) in winters ☺️ . I am going to have it all, and be what I was made to be . A perfectly happy soul, may be a not so perfect exterior ☺️ .

When I eat my chole bhature (another mouth watering combination of Indian bread and curried chickpeas), I appreciate the flavour and aromas. I am lucky enough to be able to savour them . I thank God for such blessings ☺️ . I have stopped feeling guilty for gulping them down. And that makes it all the more enjoyable. The satisfaction levels are way higher and stay longer. The desire to binge eat dies down. You naturally balance out your intake in the whole process ☺️ .

Have a gastronomically satisfying day today friends ☺️ . And be happy thay you are alive to relish it all.

photocredits: hubby, My partner in all gastro crimes ☺️


Published by: Pooja Grover

If my blogs can make a single person feel better for a single moment, the purpose of sharing my knowledge is served to a great extent. I want to connect, gain, give, share and learn. I explore fields of technology, business, wellness and anything else that intrigues me.

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