How a woman feels

A woman feels a lot ! Ya, I mean it ☺️. She feels good, bad, sad, happy, ugly, pretty, angry and funny. You name it and she feels it. One day she feels fat, the other day she feels all right. Someday she thinks she is pink, and on others she feels brown. With so many feelings flooding her existence, even she is lost about what it is that she exactly feels at any given moment 😊 .

Whatever a woman feels, she wants it to reflect in her exterior. If she is tired, she wants to wear some relaxed and light clothes. If she is in a celebratory mood, she wants to wear something colourful and vibrant. If it’s a no nonsense kind of a day for her, comfort and practicality define her attire.

She wants her accessories to be inline with her emotions and coordinated with her dress. She loves to wear light and breezy earrings to express her feelings when she is in a playful mood. She needs something expressive and loud when she wants to make a statement. When in a party mood, she likes to wear trendy and look chic. So much in a single woman ☺️ ☺️ .

One problem that I always faced was wearing and taking off precious/expensive jewelry. We, in India, and maybe else where too, are obsessed with gold and diamonds. The problem is, you can’t replace the precious metal everyday to go along with your mood. You cannot take off your gold earrings whenever you want. You fear you may lose them in the process. Once they are on you, they stay there for days and months. The result, your inner feelings and outer reflection contradict many times ☺️.

I  gave up this infatuation with precious metal long time back. I set myself free to explore the otherside of this world. The inexpensive, everyday, trendy, flattering styles to go along with my mood ☺️. Now, I have loads to choose from and express with.

India has so many art forms, its indescribable. In my journey, I have discovered people who build beautiful and intricate designs of jewelry with their creative hands. These  ornaments are of different styles, colours and essence, depicting different shades of life. I am loving it all, and trying to bring them to the people who appreciate it too at delhipicks☺️ .

Friends, just let go of this bias for  yellow and white for a while, and look around with wide eyes. There is a lot of colourful and exhilarating art around to be picked up and worn by you ☺️.


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