Paradox of our times,what is the right age

I hear of school going kids trying to take their lives. There are students and young working people who are going through depression. I see small children a little confused as their questions aren’t being answered. 

On the other end of the spectrum, I hear and see ripened souls living healthy and happy lives. You see them travelling, socialising and following some passion. Earlier, you expected them to be just religious and serious ☺️ .

New avenues are coming up for 60 plus generation. I think they are the sanest as they are seing the best of both the worlds. Grandmoms are working up the ladders in their chosen field. They have their own circles and their own needs.

All this perplexes me, what’s the right age to do anything in these fluid times ☺️ ? I believe there isn’t anything defined by a timeframe now !

If you missed out on learning a sport in your childhood, you can very well do it whenever you feel appropriate. You can pick up educational courses, and fill the void that you left earlier.

The definition of marriageable age has blurred. You can marry, divorce, marry and so on whenever you feel you are up for it. No age to have kids, you could be a parent at 25, 45 and even 65☺️ .

All is well as long as there is progress. The dark aspect that I pointed out in the beginning, needs to be addressed. Kids and young people need more time and life coaching from their roots. Once they get through the patch, they may enjoy their 80s and 90s drinking and dancing on the beach too ☺️ .
Have a great day friends ☺️ .

photo credit: Manik, the hubby ☺️


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