Goggles Sitting On Your Head

I went to an event a few days back, and saw a lady perch her goggles on her head as she entered the room. Mind you, the glasses came out from the purse, not taken off from her eyes ☺️ .  They remained on her skull throughout.  When she left, it wasn’t sunny anymore and she conveniently took them off 😊 .

The question, why were the sunglasses on her head in an indoor setup ? Did she need them to look smart and chic? To me, she appeared low on self confidence. On the contrary, she might be thinking of me (in the slightest case she noticed me ☺️) to be deprived of any fashion sense without the ultimate style gear ☺️ .

Do you see pictures without sunglasses these days on social media sites? Very few, only by  the lowly and humble beings ☺️ . Probably they don’t have any to flaunt 😊 . When I look at a picture, I also want to look at the eyes, which convey so much. What I get, black opaque screen staring at me emotionlessly.

For years, I have tried to get comfortable with this ultimate fashion tool ☺️ . It doesn’t work for me, nonetheless. The pulsating pain starts near the ears, and keeps moving towards my head. Also, I keep squinting my eyes to see clearly just as a natural reflex to the hazy view ☺️ . I have this weird imagination when I wear them on my head, I feel like a cow with horns rising out of my  cranium☺️. I can only wear them to beat the glare from the sun, that too for not too long ofcourse ☺️ .

If you got a headache reading this blog, one possible reason could be ….. 🙂 .

Have a great day friends ☺️ .

delhipicks, the fashion accessories store

photo credits : Manik


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