Love thyself the way you are

If you were asked whom would you want to look like, is there any picture that would stick in your mind? And would that picture survive the barrage of doubts and confusion? I guess, not ☺️ . You may think for a while that you want a different shade of skin, or another texture of hair. The feeling won’t stay long. 

We are most comfortable the way we are created ! We may get highly influenced by the opinions and fads. We may also try to mutate our originality for kicks ☺️.  All this gives a temporary comfort, looking different or like someone else. It’s fun experimenting with your looks every once in a while ☺️ .

The permanent solution to feel good about yourself, is to embrace your reality the way you have been curated.  Feel at home within yourself.

Bare it all sometimes, I mean what’s within the dictum of  decency ☺️ . Spend time in your natural looks, without any external enhancers of beauty. Feel complacent with your true self. Go out, meet people in your plain looks. It is liberating ☺️ .

When you love your unvarnished self, you enjoy enhancing its beauty all the more. You love to dressup, wear jewellery and dab makeup even more . You now know that you are beautiful without all of it. Your accessories and lipper are no more esentials, but on demand ☺️ . You can take it all off, and feel equally attractive. When you feel gorgeous, you look gorgeous ☺️.

Be lean on makeup etal on a Sunday, and see how much you are going to enjoy adorning on Monday ☺️ .

delhipicks, fashion accessories store.

photo credit: Manik


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