delhipicks, it’s been a year

Friends, it was about a year back that we actually started working on our business endeavor, delhipicks. And we haven’t looked back since. Ups and downs, learnings and failures. Euphoria and melancholy, all hand in hand. 

When I come to think of it, th seeds were actually sown about a decade back! I still remember, renting my first set of business books from Boston Library around the year 2007. It has taken 10 years of reading, asking, brainstorming, doubts, disbelief, faith, prayers, hanging on, creative spurts, discoveries, mistakes and much more. 
What keeps me firm on my path, is the fact that what I provide for my customers, excite me and invigorate my senses too ☺️. When I hold a piece of beautiful earring or bracelet, the woman in me wants to keep it for myself, the professional keeps it back. ☺️. And the excitement of providing that good looking accessory to others keeps me going ☺️ .

I have come to know so many people from across the country while bringing their creations to you. And it is soul nurturing. Because these people are enthusiastic about what they do, they are hardworking and full of hope.

Friends, thanks for being a part of delhipicks journey. From what I know about myself ( data analysis of my behaviour ☺️), there are going to be surprises, exciting additions and much more at delhipicks ☺️.


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